Article I.          Name

Section 1.

Multicultural Staff and Faculty Network (MSFN)

Section 2.

Authorization: Recognized and supported by the office of the Vice President for Diversity at Colorado State University

Article II.         Membership

Section 1.

Active membership shall be granted to any person who self-identifies as a person of color or with a community of color from the academic faculty, administrative professional, and classified personnel staff at Colorado State University or affiliate status. They will have the right to vote and to hold office. Members can participate in committees and be active participants in Network activities.

Section 2.

Alumni membership shall be open to former members of the MSFN. They may not vote or hold office.

Section 3.

Distribution list: An email distribution list of MSFN members will be maintained by the office of the Vice President for diversity. The list is to remain confidential and not be distributed to MSFN members or other entities.

Article III.        Elected Officers

Section 1.

Elected officers include the Chair, Chair Elect, and Six Board Members.

Section 2.

Members will also include the Past Chair, Ex-officio Member and Support Staff. Ex-officio member will be the Vice President for Diversity.

Section 3.       – Duties of officers


  1. Shall convene and preside over all meetings
  2. Shall sign all documents on behalf of the MSFN after review of the Board Members
  3. Shall act as a spokesperson for the committee
  4. Shall act as (or appoint) a liaison on campus committees
  5. Shall focus on accountability of the MSFN

Chair Elect

  1. Shall be an active Board Member
  2. Shall assume the role of Chair the following term or should the acting Chair vacate their seat
  3. Shall preside over meetings in the absence of the Chair
  4. Shall be responsible for recording and distributing the minutes of all meetings

Past Chair

  1. Shall be an active Board Member
  2. Shall help with the consistency and sustainability of the organization


  1. Shall be an active Board Member
  2. Shall be filled by the Vice President for Diversity
  3. Shall provide context, input, and support to the MSFN

Support Staff

  1. Shall be an active Board Member
  2. Shall be filled by the Assistant to the Vice President for Diversity
  3. Shall maintain the confidential distribution list
  4. Shall invite new members to the list twice per year in September and February
  5. Shall schedule Board Member meetings, and All Network meetings

Section 4.       – Election process

  1. Election of officers will take place in the spring or as needed.
  2. Officers will serve a term of one year and can be re-elected up to three consecutive terms.
  3. Appointments can be made by the Board Members for those offices that become vacant in midterm.
  4. Election of officers requires a majority vote of the MSFN membership. In case of a tie, there will be a run-off election.
  5. Election of the officers is by secret ballot with each member having one vote.
  6. Nominations of officers shall be submitted to the Board.
  7. Elected members take office July 1.

Article IV.       Board Members

Section 1.

  1. Shall serve a two-year commitment
  2. Shall be an active Board Member
  3. Shall assist in the structure of all ad hoc and MSFN committees

Article V.        Committees

Awards & Recognition

  1. Shall coordinate the selection committee and process for the Multiethnic Distinguished Service Award
  2. Shall coordinate nomination efforts to highlight multicultural staff/faculty
  3. Shall research awards internally and externally for which our CSU staff/faculty would be viable candidates
  4. Shall honor milestones

Article V.        Meetings

Section 1.        Board Meetings will be held once a month.

Section 3.        All Network: Meeting will be held once per semester.

Section 4.        Planning retreat: Will be held once per year.

Article VI.       Financial Structure

Section 1.        All fiscal matters are processed and supported by the office of the Vice President for Diversity.

Article VII.      Changes & Amendments

Section 1.        These by-laws may be changed, amended, or added to by a vote of 2/3 of the voting members, at a regularly scheduled All-Network meeting.

Section 2.        Changes, amendments, and additions shall be proposed at a regular meeting of the MSFN and voted upon immediately.

Section 3.        Immediately upon their adoption, all changes, amendments, and additions shall be inserted into the by-laws and filed.


Drafted: December 2012
Final Approval: January 2013
Revisions Drafted: March 2015
Revisions Approved: July, 2015