Michelle Foster


I have been a faculty member at Colorado State University for 6 years. I am currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition in the College of Health and Human Science. I teach science classes, about metabolism, to both undergraduate and graduate students and I engage in research.  The overall research goal of my laboratory is to identify mechanisms that will facilitate our understanding of adipose tissue biology and human health and disease. We utilize basic research, primarily in rodent-based models, to fill in mechanistic gaps, which may lead to therapeutic treatments for prevention or reversal of obesity-induced human disease. At Colorado State University, I have served or am currently serving on department, college and university committees. Those duties of particular importance to me include committees or mentoring programs associated with diversity enrichment. Colorado State University has a commitment to diversity and strives to be a community where people of different cultures, lifestyles and intellectual positions can positively reach their full potential. To do this requires faculty involvement to foster comfortable relationships and advocate for cross-cultural understanding. I engage in numerous school-supported programs designed to promote diversity and highlight the personal and professional value of working with people from different cultural backgrounds, experiences and ideas.