Patricia Vigil


My personal and professional passion is to cultivate cultural understanding, promote social justice and effect social systemic change. Being a part of the MSFN Leadership Team actively allows me to promote the Multiethnic Staff and Faculty Network’s mission. As a Social Justice activist for racial and ethnically diverse issues, I have participated in several university, state and community activities that have addressed the needs of underserved populations. As a member of the MSFN leadership, I would be more involved in a Network that believes in not only understanding issues but also taking action to change the status quo. Being a part of the CSU campus for many years I have a historical perspective regarding the growth of diversity and inclusion and want to see CSU move forward. I want to utilize my commitment and skills to support and strengthen the goals of the Multiethnic Staff and Faculty Network.

I serve as the Director of University Partnerships and Student Success at CSU and direct the Alliance Partnership, whose mission is to foster a college-going culture with ten Colorado High Schools mainly composed of historically underrepresented, limited-income, first generation and racially and ethnically diverse students. As a multicultural psychologist, I worked in the CSU Counseling Center for several years. I was the Associate Director of Onboard Life and the Director of the Counseling Center aboard The Scholar Ship, an ocean-going university where over 200 individuals from fifty different countries built a transnational community through relationship development, goal collaboration and development of intercultural communication skills, while exploring ten different countries. I teach Psychology of Diversity, Chicana/o History and Culture and provide training in diversity, social justice, multicultural issues, equity, equality, and restorative justice at the local, national and international level. I have been a Keynote speaker and presenter for conferences addressing Multicultural Issues, individually and in organizations.