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National Latinx Heritage Month

El Centro is celebrating National Latinx Heritage Month in September. Click here for more information.

Women of Color

Women who participated in the Women of Color Summit that was held this past summer on June 9th are invited to a follow up luncheon that is scheduled for November 6, 2017 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Grey Rock Room of the LSC.  Summer participants are encouraged to attend and to invite other women of color to this event.

Additional resources and support for DACA students:

Student Support Services for Undocumented, DACA, and ASSET

CSU Health Network Counseling Services
(970) 491-6053,; request Stephanie DeRosby, if possible.

Community for Excellence
All of our undergraduate DACA and ASSET students have a scholar contact who is a direct resource and support person . If you have any questions, your scholar contact can help you find an answer.

Registrar’s Office
Academic Advising Support: If you are concerned about completing your degree, the Registrar’s Office has five dedicated staff members ready to sit down one-on-one with students to talk through a plan from now until graduation; (970) 491-0599;; request D. Tobiassen Baitinger.

Office of Financial Aid
For ongoing concerns related to financial assistance; Centennial Hall – 129D; contact: Adam Nieto,;  970-491-4049.

Student Case Management
If you need assistance because you need to miss class or if a family emergency comes up; 501 W. Lake Street, Suite B (Aggie Village area); Contact: Sagarika Sarma, or call 970-491-8051.

Student Legal Services
CSU has contracted with two lawyers who specialize in immigration law. They will be on campus on the following dates: Sept 14, Oct 12, and Nov 16. Please know that you are welcome to bring family as well. 284 Lory Student Center; to schedule an appointment call: 970-491-1482.

Incidents of Bias
If you experience any form of harassment based on identity, particularly as an undocumented student, please consider reaching out to any of the following to report:

Tell Someone
(970) 491-1350
Cultural and Resource Student Centers

Panel Discussion: Communicating Science in a “Post-Truth” World

Communicating Science PosterJoin leading science journalists as they discuss how current events are influencing science journalism – and societies’ conversations. To quote Gloria Steinem, is there an “upside to the down side?”

Sept 12th from 5 – 6:30 pm
Lory Student Center (LSC) rm 382

Tackling variation and plasticity in social behavior at the molecular level in sticklebacks by Dr. Alison Bell

What does behavioral variation among individuals and behavioral plasticity look like at the molecular level? In this talk Dr. Alison Bell (Hoke) will present two case studies illustrating some of the complexities, nuances, and opportunities for studying variation and plasticity in behavior at the molecular level in threespined sticklebacks, a species famous for its behavioral repertoire and evolution.

Sept 12th from 4 – 5 pm
Biology Bldg Room 136

Film Screening: Between Earth and Sky: Climate Change on the Last Frontier

Between Earth and Sky Film PosterSept 20th from 6 – 8 pm
Engineering Bldg Room 100

In the wilderness of Alaska the earth is changing, threatening the history and culture of native peoples, natural landscapes, and the habitats of wild life. This film examines how climate change affects us all.  Q & A with the Director and Producer immediately following the film.